Sunday, 16 February 2014

Power cut

The funny thing is that there is NOTHING powerful about being without electricity, I can tell you that.  We had VERY strong winds for our part of the world and trees were falling left right and centre … one of them crashed across the road we live in and took out the streets power (quite a looong street at that).
It went out at 02:23 in the morning Saturday.  I know this because my phone was charging next to me and beeped wildly as it happened.  Nothing I could do so waited until the morning to see if it was still out and yes it was.
So as a belated valentines hubby went get us some coffee ...
So the start to my day was not as awful as it could have been as we then went out for breakfast.

I insisted we get a camping gas cooker so we could at least have tea and coffee and use a pot to cook with if we felt like it (I already had the kettle which I am madly in love with)
… as it turns out, we didn't feel like it and had Chinese takeout instead but MAN I loved being able to have hot drinks throughout the day.

The main thing I learnt is that our family does NOT work well without electricity, specifically we do not function well without our electronics.
What We Missed Most:
Hubby: Playstation and his beloved Call of Duty
Kids: TV, Games, Laptops …everything basically; mini-me-jnr did the best with fort building & colouring etc
Me: My phone - had to save battery

Then this morning at 00:46 the UKPower team must have been working hard because our electricity came back on.  This time I did get up as doggies were barking and it meant I could switch on the dishwasher and tumble dryer and make sure the central heating was back on as well (it was starting to get cold!).

It was an interesting impromptu research experiment that fortunately didn't go on toooo long, mostly because I'm not sure how we would have coped longer term ;-)

Have you ever had to go without? How did you and/or family cope?