Sunday, 23 February 2014

Food Frenzy Fat February

Please do not read this post if you have an eating disorder that is triggered by reading about excessive eating or if it may upset you in any way - that is not my intention here.  I'm having a tough time of it recently and writing about it may help me work through it.  
Thank you for understanding. 

Alliteration … I really should stay away from it!

OK so why has February been FAT?  Well mostly because I have been feeding my face in a mostly uncontrolled way.  In the same breath its calculated, frenzied and uncontrolled all at the same time, I have let myself loose control.  I started out thinking that I was allowing my body to feed, I thought I needed to address the balance of exercise and calories better (which I do but will get to).

Let me explain:
I started by being more hungry than usual but that would be natural because I am working out more than I was a few months ago and so I gave myself permission to have extras, a slice of toast here, a chocolate there, a donut, nibble off the kids plates and so on.  Well what started off as the odd bite here and there turned into a full blown binge.
I survived my 21 day #NObiscuit challenge rather well and my eyebrow threading is on the cards as a treat but honestly my mouth has not stopped for very long over the past few weeks.
I plan myself another challenge, a
 21 day #NOsugar challenge

I get that this will be hard for me but once I feed on sugar I CRAVE sugar and I need to stop the feeding to stop the craving to stop the cycle.

Now while that addresses the sugar part of it, it does not take away that I need more food due to the exercise I'm doing.  Yes my goal is to loose weight and and get a rocking hot body but underfeeding myself (I cannot use starving because I do not starve myself) is not going to work any more than sugar feeding frenzies will.

Circuits & Spin
TRX & Body Balance
Spin & Body Pump
Rest Day
Spin & Pilates
Kettlebells & Spin
Body Balance
Spin & TRX
Spin & Body Pump & Pilates
Rest Day
I plan myself yet another challenge, a
21 day #SHAKEandSMOTHIE challenge

With this challenge I hope to take away cravings for bad-to-me-foods.  I will make a protein shake or smoothie straight after getting in from gym and again in the afternoon to alleviate any hunger demons lurking.  Watch my FB page and instagram for shake & smoothie pictures :-)