Wednesday, 26 February 2014

1 Kilometre

YIP … I am dedicating a whole post to ONE Kilometre, not even 1 mile but 0.62 of a mile.
… plantar fasciitis will do this to you; well no actually not running for months on end will do this to me!!

Today was the day I was asked by my chiropractor to do a 1km test run before my appointment with him on Friday.  So this morning I was up at 6am and then procrastinated like a queen before finally making it to the gym for 09:30 where I set out with my phone set to track (with the C25k app) my 1km.
The skies were blue, the sun was shining … it was PERFECT

So I set out, did my 1km very slowly comfortably and finished off with another half km walking … you know, to "cool down" ;-)
*I need to note here that I prepped for this 1km like it was a weekend LOOOOONG run - I know, its been a while (8 months actually)

I then did a body balance class and since coming home I have stretched my calves and ice rolled out the bottom of my foot.
Rocking an' Rolling

So far so good but tomorrow morning will be the real tester to see if I can get out of bed pain free.

It was SO darn good to be outside in the great outdoors and fresh air, I felt like Maria from the Sound of Music, minus the hills of course ;-)