Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Running … or the lack thereof

As the year has gotten off its feet so too am I still "off my feet" with regards to running. So here is a quick update:

I went to my chiropractor last week (Dr Nam) and instead of the usual ultrasound treatment on my plantar fasciitis foot he did what I believe is called scraping - it HURT and it was not made any easier that he told me it would hurt either. The rest of the afternoon my foot felt very tender and felt bruised by the evening time so as advised I iced it.  The next day under my foot still felt tender & bruised but was also told to expect that.  Walking on it seemed to be ok.  The reason this is done is apparently to help remove scar tissue that inhibits the healing process.

So by now I have pretty much given up on running any distance even at the end of May in Edinburgh, I had hoped to AT LEAST do the half marathon, but alas that dream has flown out the window and in a whingy update email to the in-laws pops-in-law responded thus ….

He is my voice of reason so I will not hang on hope and try push anything this year.  2014 will be my year of spinning, Pilates, strengthening and enjoying it all … and I mean that!

I go back to Dr Nam again in 6 weeks and he has asked me to do a 1km run the day before I go in … and not ONE meter more!!!

Here's to positive outcomes for a strong 2015.