Monday, 13 January 2014

PERK!ER Review

Yes you read right …. PERK!ER

A few weeks back I was sent a delightful bag of goodies from Perkier, the produces of breakfast cereals, porridge pots, bars and tubs of snack bites and bread*
… and YES, I nicked this directly from their web site ;-)
So, as I know you are hanging to hear what I thought of this --- cardboard was my first thought because I mean, how on earth can you make anything with non of the "good" stuff in it taste nice??

Well the night of the kids Christmas nativity I received a brilliantly packaged parcel of goodies.
Can I just say … I love this shopper and always have it with me.
 So, yes it was presently in a novel way but what was in there?
I got a couple of Tiffin & Rocky Road bars, 
A tub of each of the sweets,
A few pots of instant porridge,
Box of Oat Free Porridge
NOW … I tried to be fair, we did a taste test around the table and everyone got a piece of each - gran included! Then I tried to share out the tiffin & rocky road but everyone immediately claimed and nabbed their favourites and if I hadn't been quick I'd have lost out.

The Tiffin is great with honeycomb & the Rocky Road with marshmallows.  I won't lie … this is not chocolate but it is an excellent substitute if you have a sweet tooth and have trouble with gluten and/or wheat or if just want to try avoid it like I do.

The porridge pots are as easy as add boiling water, stir & replace the lid then let stand for a few minutes
… this pretty much sums up how I enjoyed these!
ps they have just released a golden syrup flavour!
The one thing I liked about these was they are not too sweet and I can add my own amount of sweetness if I feel like I want it.  There is more texture to these than say Oats-so-simple sachets which I like.
The oat free porridge was slightly less appetising to my pallet but I've not given up on it … I added WAY to much oat in my first attempt.  I am going to try overnight oats style next.

If you were wondering, yes I would recommend these products! I myself have indeed been back to Sainsburys and Tescos to buy more of the popular household products.
#snaffler caught sneaking into my pantry**

*I have not tried the bread
** a snaffler is someone who tries to sneak your Perkier goodies
You can get hold of products from Perkier, Amazon, Ocado, Goodness Direct, Whole foods or on the shelf at your local Tesco, Sainsburys

Please Note: I received these products in return for my honest opinion in a review.