Monday, 20 January 2014

Mushroom Soup Recipe

OK, you asked and who am I to say no!  In casual conversation at the school gate one of the moms mentioned her daughter had made a delishious  mushroom soup. Being the foodie that I am I HAD to ask how she made it. Bear in mind that she (let's call her Chloe for arguments sake) used a soup maker ... I used a pot on the stove. Chloe also used normal white potatoes I used sweet potatoes.  Either will be delishious. 
So without further ado here it is:
I half filled a large pot with water and chucked in a chicken stock cube. Then I emptied the veg rack of aging sweet potatoes ... about 8-10 small I think, chopped them into chunks and tossed them into the pot. I then skinned and chopped up 2 portobello mushrooms, in they went. I also chucked in 4 chestnut mushrooms as well (any mushroom would be lush it's what I had in the fridge). Let it simmer until the sweet potato is soft then blitz with a handheld mixer. Taste. Add salt and/or pepper to taste. 
Whammo, you are done. I got 8 portions out but as per pic I like to add chicken to mine. This would be equally tasty with a dollop of creme fraiche and/or a slice of chunky fresh bread.

It's a perfect bowl of winter warmness. Enjoy.