Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Mid-week catch up

I know it's early days but I seem to be coping with my 21 day Biscuit Ban challenge rather well. That is not to say that I don't think about biscuits, in fact I seem to pay homage to a different kind of biscuit love each day on Facebook BUUUUUUT - at least I'm not eating them!!
Todays ode goes out to the humble Rich Tea biscuit, plain simple and creamy on its own ... awesome with a cuppa tea but at its BEST when laced with butter and Nutella sandwiched together:

Do not try this at home ....
you have been warned!
In Exercise News:
I am half way through my Pilates course and am loving it, now that we actually do exercises I can really feel it.  I'm also more aware of my posture on a daily basis, I even found myself telling mini-me-snr yesterday to "pull your belly button in and pretend you have a cord pulling out the top of your head" :-)

In other news:
Had some blood tests done last week and am pleased to say that everything came back glowing healthy ... who was worried then, not me clearly ;-)

As January is nearly over, how would you rate 2014 so far and why?
For me I'm giving it a 6 (out of 10), mainly because of all the wet miserable rain we have been having and because my PF is still lurking around.  I've had to pull all the tricks out the bag to keep me motivated.