Wednesday, 1 January 2014

How 01-01-14 Rolled & A Lesson

Woke up late (about 9am) then lazed in bed for a while.  Once I got hungry enough I went downstairs to see what was available for breakfast, turned out to be:
- Baguette, marge, left over pork slice, cheese, mayo, chutney & mocha-coffee … clean eating fail

Then I went back to bed and cruised around Facebook, etc etc and Skyped my super fantastic mommy-in-law for her birthday.
This is apparently how you spend your birthday on 01 Jan in South Africa ...
… YEAH, I'm not liking her much now either ;-)
After which I shuffled my A-into-G and did:
- A 30 minute slow walk on the treadmill
- Made the kiddies lunch, while I eat 1 choc brownie bite & 1 choc finger biscuit
- Head upstairs to do some Tracy Anderson mat work
- Eat another choc brownie bite (thankfully the last one)
But before I found anymore junk to eat I made myself lunch:
- Leftover pork roast chopped into leftover braised lentils

After I dragged a VERY full and heavy recycling bin down a wet, soggy and long driveway, it was full on slobbing (still in my workout clothes) on the couch with whatever hubster wanted to watch on the telly (Lord of the Rings as it turns out ;-))
- But then I found more junk and slobber for a bit more :(

In a rather direct way, today has taught me a lesson; from my reflection in the mirror whilst doing the mat work, I realised that I have the exercise side of things working well I still need to work on the kitchen!!!

How was your first of January?