Friday, 24 January 2014

Fashionably Fit

"EH" I hear you grunt ….
Lara … 
Am I reading the right blog?
Well yes, yes you are!

I was delighted to get an email inviting me to join in with SportsShoes Fashionably Fit Campaign. I mean just the THOUGHT of getting new kit in the middle of January sent my motivational levels up, not to mention when the postie actually knocked to deliver my goodies … too much excitement I tell you :-)

The campaign was launched in response to the outrage Daily Mail columnist, Jan Moir, caused when she criticised singer Katherine Jenkins for running the London marathon in full make up (read more here). The results have been fantastic.

I was asked to select a few items from the Nike range at and it was tough I tell you … I was in shoppers heaven the possibilities were endless; "new trainers", 'new Pilates kit", "spin kit" …. the list went on.  I somehow narrowed it down to the following 6 items:
Flexible items that work well together AND would mix with my current wardrobe.

So what I plan to do now is stop being wordy and show you some pictures.
First of all I HAD to try things on …
Mini-me-Snr verbalised his agreement with the words
"You have *much WOW* mom"

Then as gym secessions rolled by I had great fun putting together various outfits, I probably spent TOO much time doing this but I have to say it really got me in the mood to exercise by spending an extra 2 minutes in the morning putting an outfit together.
2 of my FIRM favourites that have been worn on various occasions.
I LOVE the pink/orange contrast

The black and cream vests are awesome because they are long and create a fab layer contrast with some of my older long sleeve thermal running tops - winners!

 I've saved the best 'till last because as a mom on the school run on the way to the gym I need something to layer up on my layers and this thermal hooded top is AMAZING.
It's warm, cosy and goes PERFECTLY with jeans too.
I have had great fun choosing and coordinating outfits that I do believe I have been to gym more often than I usually would = NOT a bad thing ;-)

You may notice that the GORGEOUS pink shorts are missing but I have a plan for those … watch out on Facebook and twitter for what I have in store for those little beauties.

What gets YOU motivated in the doom and gloom of the January Blues?


Full Disclosure: I was sent these items in exchange for being part of the SportsShoes Fashionably Fit Campaign