Monday, 23 December 2013

The Monday Before Christmas

Well, as the title aptly indicates, it is the Monday before Christmas and 2 nights until we can all rip off the paper from our presents EEEEKKKKK, to much excitement :-)

Besides getting the last of the presents and then setting about the task of wrapping them the hubster & I ventured up to London to go to Borough Market.  It really is a fantastic place to visit and I highly recommend it to anyone in or visiting London.  There are stalls with all sorts of food, snacks and drinks.  I tasted the most sublime mushroom pâté and by the time we had done a loop of the market and went back to get some …. yip, sold out!! I can't believe I've taken almost 15 years of living here before I made it - my life would have been fuller earlier if I hadn't waited ;-) We bought cheese & a Lithuanian Scalded Rye bread for Christmas day, and spicy sausage which hubby put into last nights Cassoulet (gave it a great warmth);
… oh and a selection of cheese cakes which we all shared and noshed on Saturday night YUM.

I will say that whilst we are having rather mild weather in London/the South East it is still wet, windy and miserable and waiting at Gatwick station on Saturday afternoon to change trains was DIRE!
On the running font I keep threatening to have a go at running but then I wake up feeling all snotty or dizzy again or the foot is sore and says "not today" but I will soon, I feel I can and need to try. When I do I will hit up the treadmill with something structured like the C25K programme so I don't get carried away.  It has been 8 weeks since I did ANY running and I've not done any exercise since Wednesday this week due to feeling so rotten so I will need to take it SUPER easy when I start.

What is your favourite Christmas tipple?
Mine is Baileys traditional - its one of the only times I'll actually drink.
Have you ever come back form a long break?
Me … No.
How did you structure/plan your return to running?
After a short illness I normally go for a tester 3 to 5 mile run for the first few runs then slowly pick my long runs back up.

2 more sleeps … not that I'm counting ;-)