Sunday, 1 December 2013


Lets see how I did on my November 1st post WOWZERs targets:

I need to eat more of what fuels me well and keeps me motivated and less of what slows me down.
- operation reduce body jiggle commences ✿✿✿ CHECK, I'm still on track with eating healthy probably 80/20 but WAY better than I was.
Until I know what my foot is doing I am going to keep up with the spinning, rowing and may even add in swimming to the mix.
My big November resolve is to add strength exercises with weights, kettlebells and yoga.
✿✿✿ CHECK and CHECK I've started body pump, body balance & do a strength circuit along with the spinning, rowing and swimming.
Take on a mini craft project ✿✿✿ NOPE I have't even started this one yet.

I'm going to be slightly un original here and say I want to keep up with more of the same for December and have a great time at Christmas not worrying too much about what I eat over the festive period.  I am going to try hold off on Christmas decorations and tree for a week or 2 …. basically a couple of doggies make it not so practical.

On Friday I made Nigella Lawson's chocolate Christmas cake as I had watched her making it on telly and it looked rather scrummy.  Now if you know me you know I DO NOT eat fruit cake, mince pies or anything like that ….. it took me about 40 years before I would eat hot cross buns with raisins in them!!  It really is easy to make and does't have to sit and be fed for weeks.