Friday, 27 December 2013

Back to normality

Well I hopped on the scale this morning and was not surprised at what i saw; basically it told me that Christmas has been good and now its time to enjoy more healthy foods again ;-)

But if that doesn't work here is my 2014 Christmas letter to Santa

So the 27 December looked like this:
08:00 - 09:00 Facebook, twitter, blog stuff … still in bed
09:00 Drag ass out of bed
09:15 Breakfast bowl of bran & berry muesli 
09:25+ Facebook, twitter, blog stuff … on the couch
09:25+ Pottering around doing "stuff"
10:00+ At Tesco for a quick shop & to swap out the kids new telly that refused to work properly AND got a £100 off the new one as the price had come down - SCORE
11:30+ Treadmill walk 
30min for 2.93km
12:00 ….. lunch 
banana, egg & nut butter pancake
Post lunch was FB & then relaxing with the family, I even let mini-me-snr cook chicken curry and rice for dinner.

There will of course be a NEW normality once school starts again and I get back in the gym but thats only in the new year ;-)


PS For more Chuck Norris humour check out my Facebook "giggle of the day"