Sunday, 29 December 2013

An Almost Lazy Sunday

This afternoon mini-me-jnr guilted me into action
"mom we haven't been out AAAAALL week, lets get Jared and go do something!!!"
Palm-to-forehead-slap because
1. This was true
2. So we went splashing around at the gym and
3. We had a ball, we set each other challenges and played tag swimming lengths and a game where one was the shark chasing the fish … an hour later we were wrinkled prunes and headed home. But not before mini-me had a go with his Christmas toy in the car park :-)

You may have noticed on Facebook I was tossing around the idea of Bikram yoga (which requires me to drive 45 minutes to Brighton, pay for parking before getting to class) or pilates which requires me to do a course first before I can do they gym classes on offer.  So while I was at the gym today I made a decision & registered & paid for the introduction to Pilates course (Merry Christmas from my gorgeous mommy dearest) and found that after the course the classes are included in my membership. So I am going to give that my all and until I can do regular classes I will do home yoga DVDs and the Tracy Anderson DVD and get back to spin once their full timetable resumes.

BRING IT ON … I'm feeling amped for 2014.