Friday, 22 November 2013

YAY-YAY it's Fri-Day

Well its been a good week here at Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) even if the weather has cooled down substantially and caused my hunger fangs to appear and get all nasty on my a$$.  I've managed to stay on track so far with food (even if I did get the menu all confused) and exercise has been good too.

It all started getting a bit too much for me around Tuesday ;-)

Fortunately I had lots of lovely new things I bought & deliveries from the postie to make up for feeling slightly disorientated and hungry.
I'm loving it all.
Bag is a Roxy bag (off amazon)
T-shirt is from
Leggings are
Boots are Fly London from Jones Bootmakers

I'm off to marshal at the local parkrun in the morning …. it going to be COLD so I'll need to wrap up warm.

What are you up this Saturday?