Friday, 1 November 2013


…. I'm not going to even say it, I'm just going to jump straight in to November plans.
YIP … I will be doing a lot of this later in the month!!
So this month my focus is on making my plantar fasciitis go away; it has over stayed its welcome by more weeks than I would like.  My first plan of action started this past week & I have not run.  In fact my last run was Saturdays parkrun which was run in glorious weather and scenery, but my brain was unhappy as was my foot afterwards. So today marks day #6 of no running for me.  I am however sat mentally struggling whether or not to run parkrun tomorrow … I know what is good for my foot but will I listen!

Other points for me on the "Novemba Agenda":
I need to eat more of what fuels me well and keeps me motivated and less of what slows me down.
- operation reduce body jiggle commences
Until I know what my foot is doing I am going to keep up with the spinning, rowing and may even add in swimming to the mix.
My big November resolve is to add strength exercises with weights, kettlebells and yoga.
Take on a mini craft project

Wouldn't mind trying to make this little guy from 

What are you plans for November?