Friday, 8 November 2013

The Non-Runner

A week in to my Novemba Agenda and all is well.  Overall I am feeling loads better and by this I mean I'm more alert, less lethargic and not so uuuummmmmm "windy"

Food has been good, and whilst I kept breakfast and lunch simple I have keep slight variety in dinners … but most importantly its been tasty grub and the hubster has approved of it all.

Exercise has been good as well:
Sunday: 45min spin class + 15 min core
Monday: 1hr on the rower + 10 min mini strength circuit
Tuesday: REST
Wednesday: 45 min spin class
Thursday: 30 min rower + 10 min mini strength circuit
Friday: 45 min spin class

I'm trying to take the good with the bad.  My plantar fasciitis is not getting any better and at my last chiropractor appointment Dr Nam suggested that I not run until my next appointment to give it a proper chance to heal: read as 6 more weeks of no running.  I'm trying to regroup my emotions about this but every time I see someone out running or on the treadmill at gym, I won't deny it …. there is a twinge of jealousy.
YEAH … totally me at the moment.