Monday, 11 November 2013


Morning everyone, thought I would drop in and share a quick snapshot of my day so far and its ALL been good.
OK well besides no running day #16 *sad face*
Never fear ... this is on order :-)

Today started in the gym on the rower (5km in 30 minutes) followed by 3 rounds of my mini circuit to try strengthen my legs & core.

This is the circuit I am doing

at the moment I am doing 10 reps of each and moved from 2 sets last week to 3 sets this week (building slowly).
I think I originally got this circuit from Runners World but can't find it to link for you.

Then I took my sweaty gym body to the post office to collect a parcel. Remember I posted this on popchips HERE … well my thank you arrived in the post :-)
YUM can't wait to dive into a bag but will have to wait until the weekend.

And since I feel like I haven't posted a food picture in absolute AGES, this is my new favourite ever meal and what I had for lunch
Spinach, orange & yellow peppers topped with cottage cheese, olives and smoked mackerel
… it may even be my new "last meal" choice which replaces lasagne, garlic bread and caesar salad!!

What would YOUR "last chance meal" be … you know IF you were ever to find yourself sitting on death row, what would your last meal choice be?