Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Rest Day Bliss

I've been having a fantastic rest day today.  After I dropped the kids off at school I headed into town & did a quick mini grocery shop before meeting up with a friend for coffee.
Blackforest Hot Chocolate on the left & a Medium Cappuccino on the right
… guess which was mine :-)

I followed this up with some retail therapy; first I had to exchange a pair of cycling shorts as I was slightly over optimistic about the size I initially purchased.  Then I went around trying on boots (AGAIN) as I have not found anything supportive or comfortable enough with my plantar fasciitis.  Today however I struck gold and landed up buying these beauties.

They meet my criteria of being:


and black!
Its been a win-win day so far.

Now if someone could come cook me my dinner I would call it a perfect day :-)

What do you do on rest days?