Monday, 4 November 2013

Novemba Agenda

In my plans for November my aim is to introduce strength into my workouts and get this jiggly weight situation under control.

With regards to the scale weight issue I have hauled out my old KiFit monitor*, blew off the dust and set up a new subscription so I can access all the data and features … I get to log my food (I can create recipes and add items not already in their database) … AND it even tracks my sleep if I wear it to bed:
Each drop down arrow expands to show more detail in graph form.

Food wise I have started the very strict attack phase of Dukan and for strength I am starting off with smallish body weight circuits like this one below, and nervously I have put my name down for body pump Tuesday evening - EEEEEKKKKK.

2 rounds took me 10 minutes and I held 4kg dumbbells for the split squats & the step ups
Next time I will do 3 rounds & may hold a weight for the side lunges as well

I bravely snapped these pictures whilst at the gym this morning, I thought it appropriate to capture the end of an era.

Be warned, I will be posting updates of my gym workouts, progress, daily menus as well as trials and tribulations ;-) Today I feel strong like the mother country but lets face it …. chocolate withdrawal has not had time to kick in yet - I'm ready for it though!

What makes you "tip over the edge" and take action (to loose weight, to do a creative project, run a race etc)?
With this kick, my wake up came when I saw the parkrun pictures and realised my weight was creeping back up …. that & I seem to have no strength at all.

*this is NOT a sponsored post, I paid for the monitor and the subsequent subscriptions with hard cold cash :-)