Wednesday, 27 November 2013

All I Want For Christmas?

Since i have passed the age of asking for my two front teeth and not reached the other side where I need to ask "where are my teeth" I thought I'd put together a dream shopping list for my Christmas presents.

1.     The new Garmin 620 … I mean, what is there not to love?

true love :-)

THIS would make me #runhappy in the cold :-)

3.  A proper spin bike of my own for at home:

… you  know, for when I'm bored!!

4.    And while I'm dreaming, how about one of these little babies:

… heated with all my gym equipment in it, maybe with a steam room too whilst this is a dream :-)

5.   And last but not least & what I REALLY want:

is 2 healthy feet & legs and to run injury free in 2014

What's on YOUR Christmas list?