Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wake up call pictures

You know, I've been having one of THOSE weeks.  You know, the kind where you are getting the exercise right but the food is not quite there; lord knows I have tried to outrun a bad diet before and it didn't work and its not working now.  I need to get the kitchen / food balance right to get the flab shifted so I can attain said "super duper fit mother runner" status I mentioned on Facebook yesterday.

Well I saw these pictures form Saturdays parkrun …… uuuuummmmmmmm I am slightly embarrassed to post the pictures but not being one to hide behind the truth I think I need to face the reality that I look like a fat, middle aged, grumpy old mare …. TRUE STORY!
I know I can do this, 
I know I will do this and one day I will be the
super duper fit mother runner
I know I am inside.

On a side note the kids have been busy with halloween pumpkins …

… not a bad effort if you ask me :-)

What do you traditionally do for HALLOWEEN?
us, nothing we are just to far out for trick or treaters