Saturday, 5 October 2013

A Saturday Breakfast Tale

I had planned to go to my second parkrun this morning but I woke up and my body was TIRED so I opted for a rest day and breakfast in town with the boys.
We headed out at about 9 this morning and made a B-line for our "usual" ... well when I say usual its a choice of 3 depending on what we all feel like, this morning we opted for Cote and boy was that a mistake!!!  They must have been short staffed or something because coffees were lukewarm at best and 60 minutes later no food so we got up and left.  I was prepared to pay for our coffees but because the front of house lady knows us she just apologised and said not to worry and hoped to see us back.  Needless to say the boys were horrified as hunger was kicking in big time so we stifled their pangs with a croissant and pain au chocolat. Hubby almost lost the plot as breakfast out can make or break a day you know ... fortunately he started to see the humorous side and ALMOST bought McD muffins - but didn't ;-)
We landed up having breakfast at home:
- hubby had a bacon egg on Campagne bread
- & I made a paleo pancake and had it with a drizzle of syrup & a side of bacon
Paleo pancake (1 banana, 1 egg & 1 heaped tsp almond nut butter) 

Breakfast turned out FANTASTIC after all.

While we were out we passed an art gallery that had these pictures in their window
Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe like we've never seen them before :-)

Have you ever left a restaurant because of bad service, bad food or anything similar?
I never used to but age has taught me that if there is good reason to I do not need to put up with bad service because I wouldn't expect others to put up with bad service so why should I.