Monday, 2 September 2013

Welcoming September

I love September as a time for change, reflecting and solidifying the year and what has happened; as well as hunkering down and prepping for the winter. Also my first born ... aka mini-me-snr has his birthday, today he entered DOUBLE DIGITs and turned 10 - I mean how did that happen!!!
Happy Birthday Gorgeous xx

It looks like I will get my deferment to the Yorkshire marathon 2014 which is fantastic news.  It takes the stress out of training and tying to do too much on my foot and causing myself more damage I than I need.  So I will be cycling & spinning like mad, get back into some strength **STOP PRESS: I even cleaned out the garage gym!!!** and hopefully this will all work towards helping me avoid any further injuries and get me into tip-top-shape for ever and ever after.

I've got a positive mind set for a great month ahead and yes the kids going back to school maaaaay have something to do with it ;-)

I did ask on Facebook but want to ask here as well:
Has anyone read any good running books recently that you can recommend?