Tuesday, 10 September 2013

tantalisingly, ticklish, taste-tastic tuesday

Yeah you're right ... makes no senses AT ALL!
But the reason for the fickle, nonsense title is I want to share a recipe with you that a friend passed on to me this weekend, so the title should actually be:
Awesomely, Amazing, Easy-as-pie Oat Bars
You can call them, flapjacks, crunchies or granola bars

Melt in a large bowl (microwave's easiest) ;
170g  butter
110g demerera sugar
1 tablespoon golden syrup    

It takes around  2-3 mins (do 30 seconds at a time)

Stir in about 290g rolled oats
Stir in about 200g  rolled oats + 90g well crushed bran flakes (gives them a nutty flavour)

I also throw in a 1/4 cup of dessecciated coconut.
Optional extras can be nuts, seeds and/or chopped up dried fruit.

Press the mixture firmly down into a brownie or 9x9inch tray (mine is silicone so I don't need to spray)

Bake at 140ºC/160ºC  for approx 15mins depends on your oven, mine's a fan oven and I do 17 minutes  @ 160ºC for a firm but not crumbling product.

Cut into slices while hot. leave them to cool then tip out the tray and enjoy.

Its one of those "not exactly healthy" recipes but I know what has gone into it and can actually practice moderation with them ... well uuummm so far I have had 2 while typing up this post so I may need to review that statement.