Monday, 16 September 2013

Good News & Positive Attitude

Well hello Monday and goodbye already, can't believe its nearly time to head on upstairs and get ready for club duvet.  Its been a real busy day for me. Nothing major but I got some things done that have been piling up ... literally!  I know people do spring cleans but with autumn here I'm getting stuck in; if I put it off until spring next year I'll loose the kids ;-)

Quick roundup of last weeks exercise:
Monday: 50 min spin + 10 min core
Tuesday: w/up10min recumbent bike 3.6km; 2m treadmill; 2000m rower
Wednesday: Rest day
Thursday: Rest - felt like I had a cold coming on
Friday: 45 min spin
Saturday: 3miles on the treadmill
Sunday: 50 min spin + 10 min core

GOOD news:
On a very positive note, my plantar fasciitis seems to be letting up.  I did 2 runs last week and me and my foot survived with little to no pain each morning following the run.  I'm not going to push it and will stick to 3 miles on alternate days for this week (Tue/Thur/Sat) and re-evaluate at the end of the week again.  With this cooler weather I am itching to get out and run again.

I'm slowly getting back into the office and work, needs must and I really have no excuse not to help the hubby out more than I do.

I posted this on Facebook today and it got me thinking.
Sometimes it is really difficult to believe in ones self and sometimes you just want to give in, give up and run away.  To help with those hard and occasionally dark times I am going to start writing 1 positive thing about my day and 1 positive thing about myself at the end of each day. This should give me a good reference point to come back to when I need to.

Have a great week everyone.