Friday, 23 August 2013

The PF saga continues

Yip, so I have given my foot a full 7 days of rest from running.  Its been getting royal treatment as far as I am concerned.  On waking each morning I do a variety of stretches with it ... rotating foot, flexing foot, massaging with fingers, massaging with my super-duper massager thingie.  I've also been wearing my foot sleeve 24/7 (see it under my sock there ;-)

I have also been wearing my fit flops and/or stability running trainers at all times whilst not in bed.

Last night I tried alternating my foot in an ice bath and a hot bath ... be prepared to be amazed by a crock pot that does more than just cook:

Optional extras but they do help with passing the time quickly:
Tea & biscuits along with curious puppies :-)

Kids who think this is child's play...

1st attempt last night and 2nd attempt tonight

Tonights attempt came after a 5km effort on the treadmill.
1km @6km/hr walk to warm it up
4km @8.5km/hr to keep it steady
Observations ... I could feel the heel pad throughout and it was still sensitive after stretching, the cold/hat baths and a secession of rolling with the golf ball.

Tomorrow will be interesting and I will have to be very cautious of another run this weekend if at all.

If you have any advice, ideas or thoughts please share them, I'm open to anything that will let me run a marathon in October