Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sweet lies

You know how sometimes turning a year older just swooshes by and you love every minute of attention and celebration and you revel in another year of hope ahead?
... well this was not me this year!

I've fought mental anguish, stuffed my fears with carbo-loaded and sugary foods ... its not been pretty I tell you.  But then "my day" rolled around and my family just know how to make me feel.
See for yourself:
Sweet lies ;-)

DIVINE birthday cake.

I had A LOT to do with the choices of my presents ... it's how you get what you want ;-)

Birthday dinner & international gifts

and mini-me-snr researched, bought and made me my very own birthday smoothie

All of a sudden all my irrational unfounded and unspoken fears were blasted out the water with love.