Saturday, 17 August 2013

I Have Had Enough!

... Yip, I've had enough of this bladdy planter faciitis business now.  I though I had it under control and was massaging and stretching and doing all that needed to be done to keep me running, but seems my left foot has other ideas.

Foot has been feeling fine this past week with running but then I had 12 miles on the schedule; so I taped my foot up the night before for extra support and this is how it went:
mile 1 - this is OK
mile 2 - comfortable
mile 3 - keep it super slow to be sure
mile 4 - mmmmmm
mile 5 - if I were running a race I'd keep going
mile 6 to 7 - this is not right, starting to hurt
mile 8 to 10.8 - sore but I made it home! WHERE IS THE ICE (or pack of green beans in my case!)

So it was immediate icing and stretching, kept the tape on and put on my compression socks which was a good idea as it stopped the calf muscle from getting in on the action!

Now through my whinging on my PGM Facebook page, I was reminded by the lovely Jen from Running With The Girls that she has had similar PF issues and was loving her plantar fasciitis sleeve.  Now I remembered reading her review on it and thinking "wish we got those in the UK" and never researched it further .... well turns out I could order from Boots so I did and I picked mine up yesterday :-)
a TWO pack 
(made the £29.99 price tag easier to handle!)
Ready for a night with the sleeve on.

While I was out on said run of doom yesterday I stopped to take this picture
Now whilst it does not show you what my eyes saw it is a reminder for me ...
I saw a HUGE bouncing wheat and sugar belly and it annoyed me intensely because I KNOW I have been eating crap and its all that crap that has caused my belly to swell up and juggle about worse than if I was 6 months pregnant. I also believe that if I could shake this extra weight I am still carrying about that the planter faciitis issue would heal easier (lessen the pressure of each foot strike and all that stuff).

So, my plan of action is to cut the crap (again) and rest up this foot with all the icing, stretching, massaging and tender loving care that I can give it over the next few days WITHOUT RUNNING ON IT .... hello gym spin classes I love you even more ;-)

Lets hope I can overcome this and still be able to run my OCtober marathon.

So, would you skip a marathon/important event with an injury, you know ... give up a short term goal for long term well being?
I'll be honest .... I'm just not sure right now!