Monday, 5 August 2013

Belated comms

My communication recently seems to have been mainly on Facebook with very little news via my blog so thought I need to rectify that.  Now as you may know that when I go silent its generally because I have lost control of something.

The kiddos have been on summer holidays and last week was their first full week off. They did swimming lessons every morning and then generally had the rest of the day free.  We did hit up the local ice-cream and pancake parlour Thursday after swimming where pancakes were quaffed ... me included!
Vanilla Latte Coffee Float
This may very well be my favourite summer coffee

Well I though I could manage the over indulgence of carbs and sugar but after Thursday finished I lost control from Friday through to Sunday.  It was messy to say the least and best forgotten as far as I am concerned.  I did have an amazing 10 mile run on Saturday morning where I actually enjoyed running, it has been a while as I have been just been going through the motions I think but Saturday morning I was reminded of why I love to run again.

I started a challenge set up on Facebook and am already 2 days behind on that thanks to my "oh I've ruined it" attitude over the weekend but today I plan on starting to catch up and get back on track.  Check out the challenge HERE

In other news, I actually dolled up and we went out on Saturday night, its been a LONG time since I was last up in London and it was great to see friends again and catch up.
Thought I scrubbed up rather well but the mental anguish at having to get dolled up!!!!! I think I mentioned it on Facebook "strap me into some spandex and I'll happy run along public roads but make me choose a dress to wear to a function next weekend & the wheels fall off my confidence wagon gggggrrrrr why is it so hard!!"

Overall, exercise is on track and my planter faciitis foot is behaving itself so long as I ice, stretch and massage regularly.  and ... I'm still loving spinning :-)

It's a big month this month, August is birthday month for me and I will be having chocolate cake to celebrate and NOT loosing control .... here's hoping!!

What month do you celebrate your birthday?
I ask because I have a friend who's birthday is on January 1st and so has randomly selected May to celebrate their birthday in ... seems to work ;-)