Monday, 29 July 2013

The End of July

I'm rather sad to be thinking of saying goodbye to July already because we have had fantastic weather, so much so my dilemma has not been to wait for it to warm up before I go run but to head out early enough to miss the heat ;-)  I've been freezing my water over night before a run and if there is any left its generally been warm by the time I get home .... yeah that hot for England!
Don't be jealous I can sweat mickey mouse 'kay ;-)

Last weeks exercise was fantastic:
Monday: yoga
Tuesday: run
Wednesday: Spin
Thursday: run
Friday: Spin
Saturday: run ..... I was SOOOOOOO tired by this time my leggies nearly fell off!

Last weeks diet however was not stella, I ate the right foods just WAY too much of them.  Having said that the scale stayed static but I am feeling slimmer and leaner and stronger (not weight lifting stronger just a general physical fitness feeling of stronger).

Kids started summer holidays last week so they are into late nights and sleep-in mornings already; I am trying to keep them exercised with organised activities; they have a schedule ... spreadsheet printed out for their reference ;-) no I'm not a control freak!  Another big change in our house revolves around what is called "the treat box".  It has evolved from being something they occasionally had to them expecting AT LEAST 2 treats a day (anything from chocolates to crisps to biscuits to popcorn etc).  
That bin is not getting topped up over the summer, however the fruit bowl is always over flowing as is the fruit drawer in the fridge.  The treat bin now houses Nature Valley oat bars* and mini chedders*
Also, no grazing ... summer is the worst for it so I am trying to make sure they eat 3  meals a day (yes I just did that!).  
My aim is to try teach my kids to eat nutritious food setting up the framework for good heating habits into adulthood.

Coincidentally or not I got sent this infographic produced by BMI Healthcare and it seemed to solidify what I am trying to do ... I don't want my kids to become part of the British obesity crisis!  After having conducted a study on the consequences of bad habits on long term health and from this research BMI Healthcare found that in 2011, nearly 20% of 15 year olds are obese and about 20% of 13-16 year olds are overweight. The infographic presents these facts in easily digestible age group specific sections, as well as providing a series of tips to aid healthy living.  
This is the first in a series of infographics:

If you have children, what are their eating habits like?

* I know these are not the best choices but as an alternative to what they were eating its a start.