Monday, 1 July 2013

Quick June Roundup

SO where did June go exactly? Can anyone tell me?

I've actually had a great June, who needs January resolutions to restart things and get a kick start into the year.  June has done fantastically from this perspective:
  1. I've learnt how to relax a little and take some me time out
  2. I have purchased some new running tights ... remember the purple ones??
  3. We got Rufus diagnosed and while its a long road I believe he will make it
  4. A big one for me ... I've rejigged my diet to cut out dairy and sweeteners as well as sugar & grains & wheat.  This has however lead me to eating most my meals out of a bowl as "one pot wonders" - MAN are they DIVINE though!
  5. I am surviving single parenthood whilst hubby is away on work for 2 weeks
  6. And last but not least, I joined a gym and more specifically a running club
Running in June was less than stella:
Week 1: 18.55miles (ZERO miles were on the 1st or 2nd)
Week 2: 12.1miles (started to get lazy)
Week 3: 3.1 miles (lazy kicked into full action!!)
Week 4: 19.3miles (back on track)
Thats a 53.05mile month ... while this would have pleased me immensely a year ago it has not built my confidence as a prelude to marathon training!!

Looking ahead to July, I'm obviously hoping to maintain marathon training momentum and I have the Down Tow Up Flow half marathon on the 28th to help keep the focus.

Here is to a sun loving, fun filled exciting month.

Does anyone have any exciting plans for July? Tell me!