Friday, 12 July 2013

Potatoes, new shoes and My Race Diary update

Evening from my part of the world, I hope you have all had a good week. We rounded ours off with a sneaky steak on the barby (no pic as I was just way to hungry to even think about getting a picture ;-)  But I did get a picture of the fabulous potatoes hubby pulled from the garden
how awesome are these!!!!

As you will know from Facebook I have been having planter faciitis issues with my left foot.  Well I did what any sensible girl would do and went to Dr Nam (my chiropractor) who proceeded to inflict pain on me ... in the "I'm going to fix it" kinda professional way you understand!  I've had 2 treatments so far, I have not run for a WHOLE week!!! I am stretching multiple times a day, massaging and rolling it with the stick.  I've not iced yet but I should have. Another thing I did do was go to my local running shop (Up and Running) to have my gait checked and low and behold I have moved from a neutral runner to an over pronator.

So I bought a new pair of shoes:
BUT, they were half a size too big so had to go back and I'm waiting and waiting for a size 6.5 in the wide but they phone to say it will be August before they get any in so I can't wait any longer and go in and get these:
3 miles on the treadmill this morning - I got my run fix and these will do fine for now (I hang my head to say I am still waiting for the 6.5D width Adrenalines because they were gorgeous to the foot when I tried them on.

As well as new trainers I bought a pair of FitFlops as my chiro poo-pooed my Toms as totally unsupportive but these got the thumbs up :-)
Its just been too hot to wear my trainers all day!!

Now if Dr Nam could kindly pay off my credit card or I could win the lottery - happy days!

My weeks exercise roundup:
Monday: 90 minutes of iCycle on the turbo trainer
Tuesday: Rest day (chiro appointment)
Wednesday: 45 minute spin class
Thursday: 45 minute spin class
Friday: 3.1 mile run & yoga class

... can you tell I'm enjoying my new gym membership?!  Sometimes working out with others is good for the motivation and the soul.

Depending on how my foot feels tomorrow I hope to get in 6miles this weekend and get back to proper marathon training after Tuesdays appointment with Dr Nam and his evil fingers and machines.

Have you ever had your gait checked because you think your gait may have changed?


Oh, and go check out my Race Diary Page 
... it's been updated - YEIKS!