Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Oh to be young again ....

Sometimes I just sit and sometimes I sit and find myself wishfully and fondly remembering being a teenager and wish I could transport back to that time.  I forget what it was like to be that young, the struggles, peer pressure, pimples, fighting with the parents because they knew NOTHING! Oh the good old days!

Well yes obviously there were good times but as an adult and a parent I now worry about my kids growing up to be teenagers and besides possibly hating me, I worry about what their health will be like!

Now I tried smoking as a teenager and hated it but I still somehow managed to become a full time smoker in my 20's.  I finally gave up in February 2000 and am eternally grateful I found the courage to give up.
Looking at the statistics below there is a distinct possibility my kids will try smoking at some point during their teenage years and possibly become smokers which I seriously hope does not happen because it is SO HARD to give up.

In the same way that diet is not something I can control with the kids, I can only influence and lead by example and hope that is enough to steer them on the right path to healthy eating and not smoking.


This has been another infographic in the series from BMI Healthcare based on research compiled by them after having conducted a study on the consequences of bad habits on long term health.
Words outside the infographic are my own. No compensation was received.