Saturday, 20 July 2013

New Love

Well this week has been a a great "finding out what I can do" week.  Since the planter faciitis flared up a few weeks ago I'v had to push my boundary of my comfort zone.

A little interlude here if I may:

Once upon a few years ago I tried a spin class and vowed "never, ever, ever again"!

... and that was the end of the story, until last week that is!

Its hot, sweaty and makes me ache - I LOVE it

Now I have pootled on my Turbo Trainer for a while and enjoy it, I will return to it when I need it (can't make the gym for instance) but there is something about a cycle class that I now GET that I didn't before.  So its kinda weird that I'm now almost enjoying my injury.

I do have a 7miler on the cards tomorrow so will see how my foot copes with it.

Exercise this week:
Monday: 6miles
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Spin class
Thursday: 4miles
Friday: 3miles & yoga
Saturday: Spin
Sunday: 7miles (to be done)

What have you hated in the past that you now love?