Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Tablet Tuesday

Well I set my alarm this morning for 6am - I use the "Sleep Alarm" app (I've be trying it out for a week now) .... it woke me up at 05:34
Yeah, you got it - I turned it off and went back to sleep!

Finally hauled a$$ out of bed (feeling tender DOMS in my legs from yesterdays home DVD workout), got dressed, got the kiddos up, fed everyone breakfast, packed lunches & got them to school.

Then we (hubster & I) headed in the direction of the M25 for the minimum 3 hour round-trip to go fetch our Mr Rufus who has been at the Royal Veterinary College for tests to find out why he is not well - - he's a mess basically but its all treatable :-)*
Thats a heck of a lot of tablets for ANYone!

Sleeping Resting pups xx

I managed to collect the kids and now its on to finish off the day and see if I can muster the energy for 3miles on Freddie.

Have you ever tried or not tried a delayed alarm based on sleep pattern?  If so Why?
I wanted to wake up restful of a morning but a whole half an hour before I actually want/need to get up irked me this morning.


* for those interested he has:
Immune Mediated Polyarthritis of unknown origin;
A torn cruciate ligament in his back right knee;
Chipped bone in his front left elbow.