Sunday, 30 June 2013

Pulled Pork

This was fab but I know I can make it even more fantastic with a few twists and tweaks:

This is not an exact recipe but more of a "kinda almost guestamates if you know what I mean" recipe
I had a large pork rolled shoulder that fitted into my large slower cooker (crockpot) end to end (deboned and rolled)
I diced 2 courgettes into the based
Chucked in a can of tomatoes
Chopped up a large roasted pepper from a jar
About a large cup of chicken stock
15 prunes
15 olives (green pitted)
a heaped teaspoon of smoked paprika
Salt & pepper

I stirred this up then added the pork on top of it, put the lid on, turned the pot onto II and left if for about 7 odd hours.
If fell apart!
Problem was .... so did my blender when I tried to blitz the hot liquid and squishy stuff after I had drained if off ..... AGH it was so nearly a perfect plan ;-)
I did manage to save some of the sauce but am not going to say how ... you might be grossed out - suffice to say the counter WAS clean!

Next time I'll leave the olives out, add a few more prunes or possibly some pineapple - the smoked paprika and pepper were perfect!

So that was another meal that I am pleased to announce was not in a bowl but oh my goodness the mess and the disaster and the melodramatics that I created whilst finishing the meal off ..... too much for the general public to know about heehee

I've actually had a good weekend and feel like I accomplished a few things (garden related ... if you follow Facebook you know the drama there)
How was your weekend?