Thursday, 27 June 2013

How to Run a Marathon?

My FAVOURITE episode ;-)

But seriously ... you want to start running and think a marathon sounds like a great idea.  After all everyone seems to be doing them, right?

always makes me smile - mainly because I think I look this whilst I'm running ;-)

OK. So when I said WRONG I meant don't start out with marathon ambitions as your first goal; I did that already and I can tell you it was a mistake for me.  I thought I could go from couch to marathon in 6 months and uuuummmmm it took me an injury plus 18 months and a few shorter races in-between.  

If I were to recommend how you go about training for a race this is what I would say:
OK so you are screaming for a 5km training program right now I just know it ;-) Well luckily for you I have done one in the past and loved it.  I personally used THIS ONE called the C25K (or "Couch To 5 Kilometres") program.  I loved if because I donwloaded it to my phone and I could use it outside or on a treadmill, all the while listening to my own music.

These days my general go to resource for training plans though would have to be Hal Higdon.  His novice programs got me through my first half and my first marathon.  Best thing is he doesn't ONLY have one training plan for each distance he generally has TWO ... go check out Hal Higdon Training plans HERE.

Now here's the thing ..... it has taken me years and YeArS and YEARS to love running so please, be patient with yourself; run at your own pace and ALWAYS run your own race!

If you are not a runner have you ever been tempted by the running bug?
If you are a runner .... how long before you LOVED running?