Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Hello June

I nabbed this off Sunshines Journey Facebook page the other day as its just too pretty not to share again

SO. the end of my May was slightly dismal to say the least :-(   
  • The in laws left to go back to South Africa *big sad face*
  • I was trying to massage the heck out of the knuckles under the toes on my left foot as the pain was   incredible (hurt to walk)
  • Then hay-fever of the worst I've had in a while hit, looks like thats what happens when it stops raining in England!
  • 3 days later it all slipped to my chest and I was woman down ... I haven't been sick in years so I was pathetic like you have no idea (think MAN FLU).  Fortunately it was half term so I didn't have to actually DO anything important
  • Monday I tried a 3 mile run - moderate success but my lungs did not thank me so I rested Tuesday
  • Today I did 4 miles and I could feel the lack of fitness in me, it was a physically tough run but I did it with a walk or 2 so I didn't over stress myself

SO. After my run this morning, I sat down to go over my training plan thinking that 2 weeks of very little to no running would have set me back in my marathon training plan BUT seems like I built in PLENTY of extra weeks after the Down Tow Up Flow Half on the 28th July so I need not have worried.

June is going to be a great month, I'm sure of it.  

I have been trying to add some extra relaxation to bath time to help myself get better ....
Its been years since I had candles in the bathroom
not sure why I stopped now!!??!!

What do you do to try help yourself relax when you are sick, stressed or just feel you need some extra pampering about something?
If I want some extra pampering I head for a massage mmmmmmmmmmm