Wednesday, 26 June 2013!

Midweek catchup also know as HUMP DAY ... always makes me giggle, kinda like fartlek ;-)

OK so in my last post I blasted out how I was going to tweak my diet and how not exercising was not an option as I have a marathon in October. Remember? No! Don't worry you are now up to speed!

That was all friday so Saturday I started with my new no dairy back to healthy eating and I lasted until mid afternoon when my brain crumbled and I gave into milk in my coffee and then that lead to a full on sugar binge - brains are weird and wonderful things, no telling what they might do right!
Sunday, well sunday I started over again - I'm resilient if anything - and I lasted until after dinner.
So with 2 days of brain farting I have managed to keep healthy since Monday - WOOOHOOOO

2 of my favourite characters doing a happy dance :-)

And now for something TOTALLY NEW TO ME:
I went to a club run this morning .... not only was it a club run it was a speed secession!!

Was I the slowest one there?
hell YEAH
Was everyone friendly?
you better believe they were
Did I have fun?
so much so I'm going back :-)

Warm up, then we did a pyramid run
200; 300; 400; 500 (400); 400 (300); 300; 200
(the brackets show what I managed vs what everyone else did)
Then we did some acceleration type run thing where you start jogging and speed up every 2 posts (technical right?!) for about 150meters.
DIE Cool down

Home for 2miles super steady on the treadmill ... I chose the TM incase I could not manage much, if any running at this point, this way I was home and could just stop if I needed to - cheeky I know ;-)

I know I've asked before if you run with a club or not, so I'm going to ask which is your favourite type of run?
Because I am a lazy girl by nature, medium length runs (about 5 to 10miles depending on where I am at in a training program) are my favourite .... not tooooo much time alone with my own brain.