Friday, 28 June 2013


I have a confession ... since the hubster has been away and I've been swinging it as a single mom for a week, I have eaten almost all my meals out of bowls:
Curried mince & steamed cabbage
Lamb stew
Chicken curry
.... and more of my favourite - curried mince

Why is this a confession you ask ... well because I love this type of food but my better half would NOT be very happy if I fed or even suggested we eat food like this daily because he is a grilled meat fancy foodie kinda guy (which he happily cooks btw).  SO while I get tired of BBQ (no seriously I don't COUGH!);  I make all the college type food I love while he's away instead.

OH, and I joined a gym today ;-)

What would your confession be if you have one of course ;-)