Friday, 21 June 2013

Avoiding Statistics

OK here I go ... again, I know I know! but I'm posting this because if I don't I'm afraid I will give up and throw in the towel and at some point in the near future become part of the obesity crisis and land up a statistic in some report on some bureaucrats desk.

Giving up is not in my nature but keeping on trying IS.

SO ... no BOLD font, no italics, no pictures.  I stand before you, bare as the day I was born and declare that the journey is not over yet, I am not throwing in the towel.  I am taking another deep breath, refocusing on healthy eating and exercise (marathon training again), and making another attempt to keep myself healthy and fit.

Now I know the healthy eating works and need to get back to it - carbs do not like me they bloat my stomach and make going to the toilet a little unpleasant shall we say; and I may even take it a step further because I think that milk / dairy is the cause of making my skin and scalp dry and itch all the time so I'm mulling over a trail "no dairy" period.  I am also going to be a "hidden sugar" nag - I can't believe how many products have some form of sugar in them and I'm not talking confectionary, biscuits or cake!

The next two weeks would be perfect for this because hubby is away for work over this period (my personal 2 week challenge I was talking about on Facebook .... the challenge part is surviving and still having two alive and kicking kids & me not wearing a straight jacket .... it may get tricky heeheehee)

I'm going to take one day at a time and evaluate how I feel each day.
I have not exercised, I have felt lethargic, moody and bloated with occasional belly cramps.
I've eaten chocolate brownies, toast, milkshake, cake, pizza and doughnuts.

... yes, I'm hanging my head my head in shame.  I'm not waiting until Monday I'm starting tomorrow.

Broccoli & cauliflower at the ready here I go.

Tell me ONE thing you eat (daily or occasionally) that makes you feel super healthy