Sunday, 16 June 2013

5 days in 1 post??!!?!

Morning, evening or afternoon to all around the world.  Today has been Fathers Day in England & the boys have done dad proud.  Its been a lovely relaxed day, I haven't even had to cook as we went out for lunch and now I'm sitting with a lovely cuppa tea, my feet up and writing this blog.

*interlude .... I've just realised its nearly 8:30pm and the kids are still out in the garden & its school tomorrow so excuse me for a minute or two*

OK I'm back and they were in the office not the garden!!

We had a sociable weekend this weekend which obviously means lots of good but naughty foods and lots of vino and for the hubster .... beeeeeeer.

Saturday morning started out with me volunteering at our local park run which is a 5km run around the park every saturday (all for free btw).  Over 200 people turned up to do the run which surprised be because it was PIDDLING down with rain when I got there but fortunately stopped about 15 minutes before the race started .... runners were muddy but I was fine with my wellies on.

I was "token support" which meant keeping the lady handing out the tokens fully supplied

In the afternoon we had far flung visitors from New Zealand here which provided food for the soul.  Hubby cooked up amazing curry and dahl & various accompaniments - it was AMAZBALLS!  I did dessert - meringue nest with strawberry & rhubarb compote and vanilla ice cream .... but I only remembered to take a picture AFTER it was all finished!!!! DOH!
Clean plates all round :-)

Socialising aside I have been slightly remiss with regards to exercise this weekend:
Monday: 30 minute home DVD workout (strength)
Tuesday: 3miles
Wednesday: 1 hour Yoga DVD
Thursday: 5miles
Friday: 4miles
Saturday: NADDA
Sunday: NADDA .... even though there was a 9mile run on the schedule :-(

I'm slightly disappointed in myself (I certainly had the time) but I've just jelled and hung out with the family & friends which has also been great.  I've got a busy day tomorrow but I might try do something in the afternoon - I'm not saying a 9mile catch up but maybe???!!!  We'll see ... talk about noncommittal ;-)

How was your weekend? What did you get up to? Rate it out of ten?
Mine was a 9/10 .... could have been 10 if I'd done my run this morning ;-)