Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Wednesdays Workout

Hello everyone, how are you all today?

Since England seems to refuse to move forward into Spring for more than 2 days at a time I have retired to my treadmill for my runs this week so far thanks to the inclement weather.  To keep myself motivated and stop myself loosing the plot (or fitness) I decided to do my first ever structured speed secession ...... I'll start by saying HOLY CRAP MY LEGS NEARLY FELL OFF!

It said 40 minute tempo run and here is how I went about said tempo run (there are various interpretations of a TEMPO run and this is mine, I may try others later)

SO, on Freddie I started with a 10min warmup at 8.4km/hr (5.2miles/hr?)
I then increased the speed by 0.3km/hr every 2 minutes for 20 minutes. I "maxed out" at 11.4km/hr (7miles/hr?)
This was followed by a10 min cool down, again at 8.4km/hr (5.22miles/hr??)

Suffice to say that my legs were working hard and that is what I hope the point of it was.

In my continued effort to gain some strength I then fell off the treadmill and did another *mini circuit* type routine.

This was todays and the 2 rounds took me 6min 50sec .... I was aiming for 3 rounds but just physically couldn't after the treadmill speed secession - the body just said no! True story!
Oh and by the way ... burpees ... I had forgotten how hard these things were so adding in the push-up was a clear no go today.

How long did it or does it take for you to gain strength in one particular area?
For me push-up take ages ... I'm talking months before I can graduate to full push-ups.