Friday, 24 May 2013

The post where I get crafty.

I've got my local 5km Race for Life next weekend and I've been mulling over doing something crafty to wear and I found JUST the thing on youtube (my constant source of information)

So I hit up my local haberdashery and got way more than I needed some pink tulle and a meter of elastic; today I set to work.  Now when I tell you I am NOT crafty I mean it - I'm not trying to put my abilities down .... if I don't have it I'm honest about it!

Well I started at 4:30pm and was totally finished by 6:00pm thats an hour and a half to make a whole adult sized tutu - here is proof:
.... insert pirouettes and twirls**
I'd like to insert a disclaimer in here and apologise at the state of my house but I can't ..... it IS always this untidy ;-)

I sewed the elastic together and to be honest I won't do that next time because as you tie the tulle onto the elastic it stretches and my sewn measured elastic stretched bigger so I landed up having to tie a knot in the elastic anyway.

To say I am pleased is an understatement, I'll be giving lessons Saturday mornings and Monday evenings heeheehee

Are you craft or not?
.... Char you are not allowed to answer ;-)

**Photo credit to momsie-in-law