Thursday, 9 May 2013

Strength ... or the lack thereof!

After my 4 mile run today I decided it was a stella idea to do a little 15 minute routine I had made up.  And you know what it all looked so good on paper that I was keen to get going.  I set up the Tabata timer on my phone (free app if anyone is interested) to 50 seconds on and 10 seconds rest.
10 seconds into round 1 I knew the plyo lunges had to change or I wouldn't finish the first set let alone the whole 15 minutes!
Running knee ups felt silly after my 4mile run so I substituted those for squats in round 2 and picked up the kettlebell for round 3
Push-ups were always going to be with knees bent and I tell you with a serious face that I had trouble washing my hair afterwards.

Also it was more like 40 seconds effort overall ....
YES, I am weak and have a loooong way to go but next time I'm ready with this set up:

here is how I plan to "keep it real" for next weeks attempt

Do you do strength training?  What type of strength training do you do? Do you do it to complement another sport or is it your main exercise?

*seated kbell twists - think russian twists with feet on the floor
**for lunges and squats I held a single kbell by the horns to my chest throughout the movement