Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sentimental Sunday

It's been a sentimental old Sunday for me today; today marks the 3 year anniversary of my sister deciding she'd and enough struggling and smiled and fell asleep forever.  Strangely I'm not sad about it, for Nat's I believe she went to go keep a place called heaven in order as our Nana has just had WAY tooooo long there on her own ... well because Pa would be in the garage listening to the radio drinking a glass of wine so he's not been keeping her in check ;-)

That is my fantasy and it keeps me happy.

We did move Natalie's bench to a different part of the garden today so under the apple tree it is

Now Natalie was what actually got me off my ass to go do my run today, I mean I thought if I could dedicate a whole marathon to her then surely I could get out for a few miles today!  Then there was more reminiscing about the marathon because it was the MarathonTalk review of the London Marathon that I listened to.
I did my own reminiscing as well so as they talked I thought:
I thought maybe I should have pushed harder as I knew I could have.
No, I did what I did on the day and I had a fantastic day, I loved every minute of it with no thoughts of hate and never doing it again (ok so maybe once or twice at mile 24 or so)
I thought maybe I should have been tougher on myself mentally to push more.
On the day my brain was not into giving me a whooping - maybe it will next time but then gain maybe it won't .... only time will tell next time ;-)

Friday & Saturday no exercise
Sunday 7.5miles out and  about

Rufus Update: he is making great strides to recovery at this point and I couldn't be happier

What did you think about whilst exercising this week?