Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Online window shopping

I've been perusing running attire again ... well when am I not actually!!!  I love a little online window shopping.  I've looked at the usual sites, wiggle, sweatshop, etc but then I tripped across Lululemon.  traditionally they are USA based but seems they have recently entered the UK market.  Now I have heard the USA counterparts waxing lyrical about Lulu stuff so thought I would have a look at what they have to offer.

WOW, their stuff looks amazing, soft and comfortable but £78 for a pair of capri's ... SERIOUSLY!

Now yes, they look good but I'm not sure I'm ready to part with that kind of money on a pair of capri's - running shoes yes, capri's no.  Cheapest item was £42 racer back top.

I've never thought about drawing a line under how much I spend on an item of clothing for my hobby but this begs the question .... is this my line?

What and where would your spending line be?

4miles on the treadmill today
- weather was one step past outside running for me


PS this is not a sponsored post and if you buy anything let me know if its worth the price please