Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Good-Bad-Good Day

Today started with the usual routine and the school run but then it was straight down to Brighton for a little bloggy meet with the lovely Laura from Eating Healthy Staying Stylish. (the good)

photo credit to Laura - my pics were rubbish

Laura took us to the Naked Tea and Coffee Company and it was fab
We started with coffee (cups in the background) then we got adventurous with fancy teas.

I had a fab time and we chatted away for possibly longer than anticipated but Laura is so easy to talk to.

I had dragged my in-laws with so they could walk along Brighton beachfront and then meet up with them to come back home ... easy right?
Once I'd found the in-laws (it helps to turn your phone on ;-)!) I then proceeded to got lost on the way out, I took an early off ramp (it helps to pay attention to the road!)  this was a bad move, I was now grumpy & distracted and I think I also got a speeding fine! ... 38mph in a 30mph zone mega grumpy me! (the bad)

But anyways we got home and when I checked my emails I had one saying I had won a bicycle in a competition I had entered* at the beginning of May (.... more GOOD :-)

So my 2 goods TOTALLY outweigh the 1 bad which made me hop on my turbo trainer for a 45minute iCycle secession followed by some muffin baking - a batch of chilli & a batch of strawberry.

OK: tell me 1 good or one bad thing that happened to you today ... GO!

*more on this later in a separate post once its arrived "insert big girly squeal here"