Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A post to update on previous posts

Good-Bad-Good Day post update:

Yes I got a speeding fine: 37miles per hour in a 30 zone.  I have admitted my guilt and await my sentencing!

And the bike that I won arrived and I arranged to have it put together (thank you local Halfords)

This was the spec given with the competition entry:

The boxed up bike that arrived created MUCH excitement
Still boxed up and on the way to get assembled

Home and tested .... its beautiful.

I've been researching 
... It's single speed but I can cruise/coast/free wheel if I want.
... I'm going to have thighs of thunder if I try do hills with it ;-)

Dear Fat whinge update:
I have been floored with hay fever, BADLY.  It's totally knocked me for a loop with aching body, lack of energy and constant snotty/running nose.

However, I did not relent and yesterday I made smoothies for most of the day and had roast chicken and butternut for dinner.
For green smoothies, once you get past the visual they actually taste divine: For those pictured I used 2 cubes of ice, 1 small banana, 1 pear and 2 "grabs" of spinach blitzed together with either coconut milk/hazelnut milk (for obvious snotty reasons I'm trying to avoid dairy at the moment). All I taste is the pear and divine yummy goodness.
Mid afternoon I made one with frozen mixed berries and hazelnut milk - so thick I needed a spoon it was like sorbet divineness :-)

Today has been better for diet and hay fever so I will try get in some exercise tomorrow woohoo.