Monday, 13 May 2013

A Monday in the life of PGM

OK so today my calendar had "REST DAY" on it and here is what I did ....

Dragged my a$$ out of bed
- got the kids up and dressed
- fed the family breakfast
- made kids school lunches
- got the kids to school (after having to turn around and go back to fetch homework books that had been forgotten behind!!!!!)

Made another cuppa coffee and hit the office for a morning of work
- did client work
- made a few phone calls for appointments that were needed
- trying to sort accommodation for the York marathon in October - in progress

Went shopping with the hubster for mini-me-jnrs birthday present (he's the technical one and its a technology present)

Home for lunch
- draw up weekly menu & shopping list

Weekly shopping ... it was a big one!

Fetch the kids from school
- listen to whinging and whining
- let them have fizzy drinks to avoid killing them!

Food prep
- poach chicken breasts for lunches
- dart out to vet for Rufus meds
- make kids dinner (chicken pesto pasta)
- write quick blog post

Still to do:
- actually feed the kids
-***EDITED TO ADD feed the dogs and remember meds for Rufus
- adults dinner (onion & mushroom version of the kids chicken pesto pasta YUM!)
- read blogs
- bath and bed

SO: where in the world would I have actually fitted in exercise???
OK OK OK maybe instead of reading blogs but hey after todays finished I'm going to crash and snore like a trooper tonight, well thats the plan anyway!

Happy Monday everyone.